It’s back to school time so I thought I would start with a definition:

mud·room  (mdrm, -rm) noun

“A small room or entryway in a house where wet or muddy footwear and clothing can be removed.”

 That is the literal definition, but mudrooms have evolved into a variety of uses depending on the region and the needs of the family using the space. The main purpose is to provide an area where people can enter the home, remove outerwear and other gear, and store it neatly.

A typical mudroom incorporates the following elements:

  • A bench for sitting down to remove shoes or boots

  • An area for storing shoes and boots (usually below the bench)

  • Hooks for hanging coats, jackets, backpacks, or purses

  • Cubbies or cabinets for other storage

Mudroom cabinetry available from JeanE Kitchen and Bath Design of Raleigh

I love the look of this mudroom. Each person has their own space and the shoes are stored on rollout trays, which is very clever! There are drawers and extra shelves for the little ones and the baskets with initials are a great idea.

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In this example, there are not specifically defined areas for each person, but it still provides wonderful storage and the curved details make it very pretty.

New Cabinets in Raleigh NC

This one actually has “locker” like storage to hide the hanging items.

The options for mudrooms are endless. If you are looking for a well-planned solution for your messy mudroom, contact JeanE Kitchen and Bath Design. We do a lot more than kitchens and bathrooms!