Sometimes, you have to flip things around to achieve the functional and beautiful kitchen you dream of. That was the case with this project.

The homeowner was ready to update their small and very old kitchen to improve functionality, increase storage and usable countertop space, and turn it into an “Industrial Chic” oasis. So, she called JeanE in for a much needed creative solution.


Let’s go through the “Before” photos first and you will see what a huge transformation took place. This series of “Before” photos start as you enter the space and go counter clockwise around the area.

When entering the space, you can see the sink centered on the window with the dishwasher to the right side directly in the corner which prohibited ease of use.

The range sat to the left of the sink with limited countertop space to the right and no countertop to the left. It was also situated next to the door to the back.




This end of the space contained some built-in units and was originally intended to be the dining nook.




The previous owners had added a closet in the kitchen to contain a washer/dryer which created an awkward flow, reduced the size of the kitchen and just didn’t look good!

The other side of the added closet was used for pantry storage.



And, this corner contained the electrical box and a wall cabinet floating above nothing…we can definitely make better use of that spot!


AFTER: Let’s start as you enter the space and go counter clockwise as we did with the before photos.

As we went through the design process, the first decision was to find another location for the washer and dryer so that we could remove that awkward closet space. Next, we quickly decided that we would get the best use of the space by flipping the location of the primary kitchen space to the end of the room that was previously used for the dining nook. So, as we enter, the dining table is sitting beneath the window where the sink used to be. A generous pantry cabinet sits behind it.

Look at this spacious kitchen now! Starting to the left of the door, we have a generous countertop space, a corner sink looking out into the beautiful back yard, more countertop space that goes all the way around to the range and then….even more countertop space before the refrigerator. And, look at all of the storage…two large 3 drawer stacks, one large 4 drawer stack, a 36” base super susan, a double pull out trash cabinet, a base for tray storage and large wall cabinets.

We made great use of this corner by turning the electrical panel so that it opens into the dining room and is camouflaged with a piece of artwork. A generous base cabinet and wall cabinet above add more storage and another countertop surface that can be used for a buffet area when entertaining. We love the metal and crystal chandelier!

Beautiful textured melamine cabinetry from our Executive Cabinetry line mimics the look of weathered wood but kept our budget in check. Patterned Austral glass in the wall cabinets let the colorful dishes show through but give us another textural element with an industrial feel.

Penny round tiles bring in some color and accent the range and hood and the back wall. The grey quartz countertops and taupe field tiles pull all of the colors together.

The client is thrilled with her new kitchen!

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